Training scenarios and simulation from Lazarus Training

First Aid in Remote Locations course- diary/blog

Next week we are running another of our First Aid in Remote Locations courses for one of our media clients. As this course is fairly new, being approved by the Royal College of Surgeons 8 months ago, we thought it would be good to provide some additional information on the course, how it is run, what happens, who is involved etc.

So over the next few days we will be posting pictures from the course on our instagram account [@lazarustraining], tweeting [@lazarustraining & @travelsafetrg], posting updates on our facebook page and some blog posts on this and our other websites.

We will post some information about what happens behind the scenes, some of the characters involved in the training and live updates from the course itself. Hopefully we can also get some viewpoints from the delegates attending this First Aid in Remote Locations.

So with all the delegate packs printed off, it’s now onto the kit packing. The delegate pack has the normal enrolement, feedback forms that you see on any training course, but we also have a strong document trail for the assessment side of the course. As this is all practical, we have delegate workbooks and scenario records that are completed, some by the delegate themselves [a great way to get them to reflect on the training], but also by our team. It keeps our training team quiet in the evenings!

Elsewhere on this site we have posted about the training scenarios we run, more examples will follow next week, but it does require a lot of planning and equipment. The complete course equipment currently takes up a people carrier when we include all the outdoor equipment that we use to “dress” the scenarios: sleeping bags; tarps; stoves etc.

We have previously had to shave the kit down, when flying to a course, but either way the casualty simulation equipment makes up a large part of our load.

Keep watching this website to find out more about this course, or call us on 0800 242 5210 or email to find out more.