Working for Lazarus Training

Lazarus Training is well known for its approach to medical training, ensuring it is “hands on”, confidence building and relevant to the client group. If this sounds like the way you like to teach first aid, then perhaps you should consider working with us!

We are based in the South East of England and whilst we deliver courses across the world, we are looking for people based near us, or willing to travel to our offices. This is because working for Lazarus Training isn’t just a case of sending in a CV [although we do ask you to do that]. We are friendly people and like to see our trainers, assessors and roleplayers regularly. This may be at one of our regular in house training and CPD days, or even for some of our social events, either way there is always someone in the office happy to put the kettle on and have a quick catch up.

Working for Lazarus Training follows a defined recruitment process. Anyone interested should send their CV to our admin team [], they will pass it onto one of our company directors who is responsible for recruitment and training. What we are looking for is a solid background in pre-hospital care, such as a paramedic, military medic or emergency services first responder. We are also looking for experience and hopefully qualifications in training and teaching. If you don’t have formal qualifications it is still worth sending your CV through, as we do offer our staff training, including the Level 3 Qualification in Adult Education [the old PTTLS course].

If we like the look of your background and experience, the next step is normally a face to face meeting, nothing too formal but this give us a chance to get to know you, but also you a chance to see us. This is normally done at our Essex training office, so you can see the support mechanism [and people] that are behind you when you are working at Lazarus Training. If this goes well we ask for two references and once these are received its time for the next step.

The next step is the biggest one! Time for you to show us your skills. We ask you to come to our offices and give two presentations, one first aid based, the other not. We can give you guidance on the exact requirements when we arrange the date etc. We also have a couple of other little tests, but no hidden tricks or charges! We don’t expect people to pay for the right to work for us, nor do we happily say people are “our” trainers if they make a registration payment!

By now we are really getting to know you as a trainer, and you us as a company. If you are still interested in working for Lazarus Training and we like what we have seen and heard you then enter our mentoring programme. We don’t just give you a powerpoint presentation and send you out on the road, we get you to work with other trainers, observing and helping with the courses. We have lesson plans, schemes of work, presentations and trainers’ notes- all to ensure you have everything you need, but also to ensure you maintain the quality and approach we expect of everyone working at Lazarus Training.

The pay is good, uniform and kit is provided and as said earlier, the kettle is always on! So if this sounds of interest and you like the idea of being involved in our training work [including simulation work and advanced courses such as FPOS] then send you CV to